Thursday, 24 February 2011

Pebble the Penguin

On a quiet, lonely train journey to Birmingham earlier this month, a penguin did appear to make the trip that bit more bearable...

McDonalds Monster & Posh Machine

Two submitted by co-founder Mr M P Mear. The first one is what you my turn into if you eat too many McDonalds and the second is a very posh machine, monocle and all.

Mr Duck

I found this guy just chilling on the London Underground last year, time to show your face Mr Duck.

Found by - Ian
Location - London Underground

Welcome you little critters

Here's a new blog capturing faces in...well different faces. I'm sure everyone has been sat somewhere un-interesting and all of a sudden they spot a face and instantly this brings a smile to their face, I know it does for us.
So here is the blog to help spread all these moments of joy.

Feel free to contribute, send you pictures to our twitters -


leave where the face was found and even name the little beaut!